Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I totally modeled this!!

naw not really I'm a noob

drawing wings actually really helped me make them in maya

used to make her

final scene attempts

another angle showing off the complexity of the wings of the demon.
In case you are all wondering what the animation is going to look like I will tease it for you. First off i'm not finishing this because I'm out of college now and unless I choose a career in 3d modeling/ video game stuff this is it for me. Didn't get to texture her because I'm not done with the model but this is what I have so far Thanks for checkin it out!!!!!

final scene attempts

hurray for evil bunnys and evil demons fighting for no apperant reason. if ever there was a 3d model noobjob, noobjob? ya i just said that
I would be it next step is submitting this picture to noobjob definition in wikipedia
have a great break!!!!

final scene attempts

bunny is weaksauce didn't actually model him basic idea for the fight scene was the evil demon chick vs the bunny of doom
this is what i wound up with.

Demon out of time

out of time for now. Wish I had more to fix seams and complete her.